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IE Humanities Center, in collaborationwith IE Foundation, has announced the winners of the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities 2017. IE students and alumni from 44 countries took part in the competition, submitting work in the categories of short story in Spanish and in English, poem in Spanish and in English, video, and photography.

The prizes are in recognition of the humanist vision of IE students and graduates, their capacity for critical thought,and their ability to have another voice and see things in different ways. As a center specialized in research and teaching in the field of humanities, IE Humanities Centerruns the competition to strengthen the vision of the world from a humanist perspective, which forms an integral part of IE’s identity.

The winners of this year’s edition of the prizes, which will be presented in the coming month of September, are:


Short story in English

1st Prize: Rinaldi Sugiarto, an Indonesian student from the Master in Business Analytics and Big Data, with “The Interview”

2nd Prize: Sarmad Ahmad, a Pakistani student from the Global MBA, with “Kahaani”

3rd Prize: Alexander Vavilov, a Russian student from the Master in Finance, with “Voyeur”


Poem in English

1st Prize: Rama Al-Ramahi, a Jordanian student from the Dual Degree in Business Administration and International Relations, with “First”

2nd Prize: Ilse Wijnen, a Dutch student from the Master in Corporate Communication, with “Imprisoned”

3rd Prize: Daniel Bloch, an Australian student from the Dual Degree in Business Administration and International Relations, with “Move”


Short story in Spanish

1st Prize: Sofía Quetglas Diz, a Spanish student from the Master in Management, with “Dualidad”

2nd Prize: Lucía Naveiro, a Spanish student from the Bachelor in Communication, with “Los días violentos”

3rd Prize: Andrea Tapia, an Ecuadorian student  from the Master in Visual and Digital Media, with “El equilibrio de un trapecista”


Poem in Spanish

1st Prize: Andrea Tapia, an Ecuadorian student from the Master in Visual and Digital Media, with “Adios en Grand Central”

2nd Prize: Rosa Italia Porras, a Nicaraguan student from the Master in Corporate Communication, with “¿Dónde estás?”

3rd Prize: Sofía Rondán, a Spanish student from the Master in International Relations, with “Roma”



1st Prize: Carolyn Billetdeaux,   a U.S. student from the International MBA, with “Tres niveles”

2nd Prize: Garg Shantanu, an Indian student from the Master in Management, with “Answers from above”

3rd Prize: Yan Lin Fu, a Singaporean student from the International MBA, with “Ink and Wash”

Special mention: Teddy Godillon, a French student from the International MBA, with “Ojo por ojo”



1st Prize: Eugenia Goffre Muro, a Czech student from the Bachelor in Communication, with “Don’t Forget Me”

2nd Prize: Nidhi Dwarakanath, an Indian student from the Master in Visual and Digital Media, with “Happy Monday”

3rd Prize: Raya Hilany, a Libanese student from the Master in Corporate Communication, with “Macera”



IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities 2016

Written on October 10, 2016 by Fernando Dameto Zaforteza in IE Foundation Humanities Prize, Video



IE Foundation Humanities Prize 2016 Award Ceremony

Written on September 28, 2016 by Fernando Dameto Zaforteza in IE Foundation Humanities Prize, IE Humanities Center

RDR_2600 IE Foundation Humanities Prizes 2016 were awarded on the evening of Thursday September 22nd at the Ritz Hotel Madrid. The event was attended by a large audience consisting of the winners, their families, jury members and IE’s International Advisory Board.

The ceremony began with the institutional notes by  IE Foundation  President Diego de Álcazar and Vice President Rafael Puyol. The President’s speech focused on the importance that IE gives to the Humanities, a central part in both academic and extracurricular life. In his words RDR_2643“the Humanities enhance the qualities students need to excel in their future careers”. Vice President Puyol offered an overview of the IE Foundation’s work and of the Prizes. As a piece of advice he remenbered Leonard Cohen’s words when receiving the Prince of Asturias Award for Literature: “Being awarded is not the end of anything –it is only a tool that will allow me to keep doing better what I have been awarded for”.

After the institutional notes the Prizes were given to the winners. Besides the Honorary Merit Diploma all winners will receive 100 copies of th book contaning all awarded works. Once all the works the diplomas were delivered the first prizes in Poetry and Short Story proceeded to read their winning works, the poems in fRDR_2673ull and excerps of the short stories . All readers carried on the task with extreme passion and dramatic skills – special mention deserves LLB student Joy Cierrea Archer Holmes for her impressive recital.

The event was closed by the President congratulating the winners, calling the IE Foundation Humanities Prizes 2017 and inviting all attendees to share their views with the award winners in a cocktail served at the hotel’s garden.

List of winners. Short Story in Spanish: 1st. María Isabel Macías Núñez (MCC 2016) for “Un hombre con el abrigo largo”. 2nd. RDR_2697Elisa Carrara (MVDM 2016) for “Una expresión sardónica”. 3rd. Sofía Quetglas Diz (MIM 2016) for “De vuelta a Barcelona”. Special mention to María Isabel Macías Núñez (MCC 2016) for “Muerte en María de Molina”. Short story in English: 1st. Do Xuan Hoang (BAR 2020) for “Aroma”. 2nd. Alyssa Flora Najafi (MVDM 2016) for “Death Valley”. 3rd. Marieke Elisah Lensvelt (MVDM 2016) for “The Other Side”. Poem in Spanish: 1st. Sofía Rondán González (MIR 2016), for “Nadie”. 2nd. María Isabel Macías Núñez (MCC 2016), for “Primer round”. 3rd. Jesús Arcenegui Méndez (Madrid, Spain, 1997, Bachelor in International Relations, 2019) for “Quiero”. Poem in English: 1st. Joy Cierrea Archer Holmes (LLB 2017), for “Beautuful Imperfectiums [sic]”. 2nd. Sumedha Sharma (MCC 2016), for “One Place – A Haiku”. 3rd. Malak El Halabi (MMRCB 2016), for “23”. Photography: 1st. Nathalie Lagard (BAR 2017) for “Rendez-vous”. 2nd. Romain O. Lepoutre (BAR 2019), for “Hangman”. 3rd. Jazmin C.Harb Andrade (MVDM 2016) for “Dancejazz”. Video: 1st. Montserrat Gutiérrez Mesegue (BAR 2018) for “Apparently”.

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