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IE Arts & Business Club visits ARCO 2015 together with members and friends

Written on August 3, 2015 by Administrador de IE Blogs in IE Art Club

By Cindy Kook, Raphaelle Vulliet Falcon De Longevialle and Laura Theuretzbacher

On February 19-23rd 2015, one of the most interesting international contemporary art fairs, ARCO, took place here in Madrid. ARCO is Spain’s largest art fair and among the most well known in Europe.

For this occasion, the IE Arts and Business Club organized a guided tour which gathered around 15 students, who all have an interest in common: Art! Alumnis, students of  different Masters, MBA and IE University students got together to find out what is going on in the contemporary art world today.

For 3 hours(!) our guide led us through different very renowned galleries such as Malborough, Juana de Aizpuru and several Galleries from this year’s invited country Colombia in order to show us some artists in particular and to give us a complete overview of the artistic trends. Thus, we saw some amazing paintings of Secundino Hernández for example, the Spanish painter who is currently revolutionizing the Latin and Spanish Art world.

It was also an interesting opportunity to observe onsite that even though art fairs are popping up all around the world and the internet is taking up more and more market share, making the competition more intensive, Arco managed to keep its importance and remain a reference for connoisseurs and professionals.

At the end of this very long tour, most of the students decided to continue exploring even more or the fair and visited more galleries on their own.

Thank you to all attendants to the event, we were really pleased to see so many people sharing our passion for Art and we hope that a third visit from the IE Arts & Business Club will happen next year!

To view photos of the event and find out about future events please visit our Facebook Page.



By Nir Hindi (IMBA 2014)

“Entrepreneurs Are the Artists of the Business world”  is one of my favorite quotes. My name is Nir Hindi an IMBA graduate. I have more than 10 years’ experience in building, launching and working with early-stage companies alongside other entrepreneurs. Though, I always kept close relationship with the art world. My experiences and the contribution of the art to my professional as well as my personal life brought me to write a blog about the intersection between art and business.

I started this blog since I found out that there is a notion that art is disconnected from business; in many ways, even the total opposite of each other. I claim differently. I think these worlds share common things. I believe that in order for businesses to flourish and succeed in the future, they should embrace and engage with art.

Art and business have always intersected and influenced each other, especially from a financial and social point of view. In the recent decade the influence and the value of art for business increased. In a fast-paced environment, creativity and innovation play a critical role and companies are actively seeking to create environments that will enable them to innovate.

I believe that art influences the business world more than we think; for example, how Marissa Mayer’s Art education influenced the Google design or How Apple Uses Picasso’s Drawings to teach its employees about Design. In this blog I will bring articles, research and data as examples of how art influences the business world and the intersection between art and business.

I chose to categorize this blog to the major subjects such as Art and Economy, Art and Technology and Art Market, though there are more subjects such as Art Startups or Collecting Art. I highly encourage you to explore the different categories since there are times these subjects overlap, intersect or cover different fields.

For contact and subscription to the blog’s list press here.


Conversation on “How Technology is redefining the Art World”

Written on January 14, 2015 by Fernando Dameto Zaforteza in IE Art Club

biancaSince ancient times, technology has shaped civilizations. The digital age has changed our society dramatically from consumption habits to varied ways of interaction. The art world hasn’t been an exception – nowadays artists are constantly exploring new techniques of creating art, curators have changed the narrative of their exhibitions and art dealers have more explored and discovered more diverse platforms for promoting artworks. This talk about the modern art world will analyze how Technology is redefining Art World with Bianca Hutin (Master in Management 2011) founder of My Web’Art, a meeting point for Art lovers and Viet Ha Tran (Master in Marketing Management 2009), currently Senior Associate Director of Admissions at IE Business School and a Fine Art photographer, will give you a brief overview about the trends in the current art world.

Bianca, CEO & Founder of My Web Art, holds a Bachelor of Business from the University of Sydney (Australia) and a Master in  Management from IE Business School; Bianca Hutin has worked in the auction house Sotheby’s, the Haute couture house Christian Dior (LVMH) and in a communication agency dedicated to cultural institutions. Bianca Hutin has always been strongly passionate by art and “out of the box” projects. Her objective is to create value in highly innovative projects, by challenging conventional thoughts, and actively engaging to viet haconvert ideas into reality. My Web Art is Bianca´s recently launched  the premium online marketplace selling original and limited editions artworks. My Web’Art is a premium online meeting point for Art lovers, available 24/24, 7/7, anywhere in the world, enhancing the experience of selling and purchasing works of art on the Internet through a sophisticated web portal.

 Viet Ha, Senior Associate Director of Admissions at IE Business School & Photographer, is originally from Vietnam, Viet Ha holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (Japan) and a Master in Marketing Management from IE Business School (Madrid). Before joining IE, she had a solid career in finance, business development and marketing in Tokyo, Singapore and Hanoi. She currently leads the Admissions Team for the Masters in Finance at IE Business School, managing the whole admissions process for finance candidates. Viet Ha started photography in 2013 as a hobby and is a self-taught photographer. Her artworks have appeared at Saatchi Gallery London, Brighton Photo Biennial, Vogue Italia, Vietnam News, Vietnam Business Woman, Vietnam Daily…as well as publications in about 40 magazines in both Vietnam and all around the world. She won the Honorable Mentions in the International Photography Awards 2013 (Los Angeles), and was semi-finalist in the Spanish National Digital Photography Contest 2013. She is currently represented by the world´s largest photo agency Art + Commerce (New York) as well as two art galleries from Paris.

The event will take place on Wednesday, 11 February 2015 – 19.30 at Paper Pavillion (IE Business School, Serrano 99, Madrid)


IE organiza una tertulia con la galerista Soledad Lorenzo

Written on July 14, 2014 by Fernando Dameto Zaforteza in IE Art Club

IMG_3551El pasado de 10 de julio el IE Art Club organizó una tertulia con la galerista Soledad Lorenzo titulada “Claves del arte contemporáneo”. Soledad Lorenzo es una referencia en el sector, al ser pionera del galerismo madrileño. Durante 26 años dirigió una galería en Madrid, que llevaba su nombre, donde expuso a artistas de renombre tanto a nivel nacional, como por ejemplo Antoni Tapies, Miquel Barcelo, Jose Maria Sicilia o Juan Uslé, como internacional, entre los que destacan Louise Bourgeois, Julian Schnabel o Robert Longo.

El evento tuvo lugar en el inigualable marco del Pabellón de Papel y se instrumentó bajo el formato de agradable charla, ya que no había un guión marcado y la audiencia estaba invitada a realizar preguntas en cualquier momento.

Soledad Lorenzo comenzó haciendo referencia a los aspectos emocionales y estéticos del arte, compartiendo con los asistentes sus inicios en el mundo del arte, las razones que le llevaron a abrir una galería y lo que para ella significa el concepto de arte, resaltando que sus motivaciones nunca fueron económicas. Se mostró como una persona apasionada por su trabajo como galerista, que en los negocios siemprese dejó llevar por la intuición.  Poco a poco la conversación fue girando hacia temas más concretos del mercado del arte. Los asistentes, muchos de ellos artistas aficionados y coleccionistas iniciáticos, preguntaron a Soledad Lorenzo por numerosos aspectos del arte actual, como su opinión personal sobre el arte urbano o cómo veía el desarrollo del incipiente mercado asiático del arte. Otra de las preguntas más recurrentes  fue sobre sus sugerencias para comenzar una colección, si prefería comenzarla con una obra de un artista consagrado o de uno joven y desconocido. Todas las respuestas estuvieron dotadas de la sabiduría y pasión que le caracteriza.

Tras más de una hora y media de animada y ecléctica conversación la charla llegó a su fin, no porque se hubiese agotado la tertulia sino porque eran las 22 horas y el espacio debía cerrarse. Tras el evento la invitada firmó su biografía a un asistente y se hizo fotos con varios miembros del público.


lorenzoJueves 10 de julio a las 20h en el Pabellón de Papel (Serrano 99)

IE Art Club organiza esta conversación informal la galerista Soledad Lorenzo, quien compartirá sus experiencias al frente de la galería de arte contemporáneo que lleva su nombre, referencia indiscutible del sector durante las últimas tres décadas. En su labor de galerista destaca el descubrimiento y consolidación de una espléndida generación de artistas españoles entre los que se encuentran Miquel Barceló, Juan Uslé, Soledad Sevilla y Jose María Sicilia. También ha expuesto y representado a artistas de calado internacional como Louis Bourgeois, Robert Longo o Julian Schnabel.

Para registrarse en este evento haga click aquí

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