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What does Humanities mean to Ellen A. Buckland

[1]“Humanities is an umbrella term which covers human culture and society; all the nuances of human life which involve art, history, philosophy and literature. The study of humanities is very much undermined in the 21st century, and this I believe is due to a misunderstanding of its importance for all peoples and professions. In my opinion a deep understanding of what it means to be human can only be gained by looking at fellow man throughout history, analyzing through art and literature the tangible patterns of beauty and destruction over time, learning from human successes and failures before refocusing the lens back on modern society. My undergraduate degree and career in Theatre taught me that empathy plays a pinnacle role in the study of humankind, and this has gone on to prove true in my Masters in Customer Experience.”

Ellen A. Buckland (Ireland)

Master in Customer Experience and Innovation and winner of the First Prize of the IE Foundation Humanities Prize 2019 in the category of Short Essay in English.

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