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[1]You are all invited to enjoy the musical project for Harp and Electronics by Italian HARPIST FLORALEDA SACCHI. Her Album #Darklight [2] remained in the top 5 of the Italian chart for over a week and climbed as well the USA, Canada and several European charts. #Darklight [3] was also among the 250 most listened album all over the world on Spotify.

Need more info? Please contact eleonora.giampieri@ie.educedented result for a Harp recording!

Next Friday, February 16th in Aula Magna, Segovia Campus, at 7:30pm. We’ll provide transportation from Madrid Campus!

Sign up here! https://clubs.ie.edu/IEUART/rsvp_boot?id=300011397 [4]

Need more info? Please contact eleonora.giampieri@ie.edu