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Cycle Russia: Past and Present “NEW PLAYERS IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY”

RussiaPastPresent_Feb18_c [1]Thursday, February 18th 2016, 6pm, at MMB-102 (Maria de Molina 31 Bis, Madrid)


Alongside political reforms, economic reforms were also implemented in all these countries, some with more success than others. Both foreign investment and trade have been promoted, but neither of them is free of risk. The process of passing form a socialist economy to modern capitalism generated problems in the privatisation of the former public sector, and combining these variables with supranational structures as well as a global economy are some of the challenges presently faced by these countries. An open debate between representatives of private and public sectors would provide a wider picture of which are the opportunities and hindrances for investors in this part of the world.


Speaker: Álvaro Ortiz Vidal-Abarca, Chief Economist Cross Country Emerging Markets, BBVA. Moderator: Patricia Gabaldon, Professor of Economic Environment, IE Business School


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