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IE Art Club organizes a visit to “Kandinsky: A Retrospective”

Kandinsky was a Russian painter, considered to be a pioneer of abstract and one of the most outstanding avant-garde painters of all time. Art and sound were one in the same to him. Part of his goal as an artist was to depict and share his synesthesia experiences. The result is a painting that is complex and visually stimulating, with color combinations that reverberate.

Guided by our own, we will take you through the evolution of Kandinsky’s art from Russia to France.

Date: Thursday, 28 january @ 17:30 

Price: Students: €9   
If more than 15, price is €8; Non-Students: €12; Free for children under 11

Place: Palacio de Cibeles
Plaza de Cibeles, 1, 28014 Madrid, Spain

The length of the tour is approximately 1 hour. Tour is @ 18:00.

Tickets are purchased at the door.

If you want to register please click here [1]