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The IEU Day is back!

After one previous successfull edition, the Student Life Department is organizing the Second Edition of the IEU Day [1]. Students from both campuses as well as teachers & members of the staff will gather together to have a fun afternoon full of activities. Paintball, Sushi making workshops, live music plus many other surprises are part of this awesome program.

If you have any question about it, contact someone from the Student Life Department [2]. The buses will leave from both campuses at 3pm. The activities will last until 9:30 pm, perfect timing to head back to the city and start the weekend! Check the full program here [1].

This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the great weather [3] whilst hanging out with friends. Also, students from both campus will be there, so it is a great opportunity to meet new people. If you are a fresher, you will be able to hang out with older people that might help you and give wise advice about courses, teachers, papers, nightlife…