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“New Horizons” the other side of Professor Hiep

Before we invented the radio, the telegraph and other navigation instruments, the distance to the visible horizon at sea was of extreme importance as it marked the maximum range of communication and vision. Today, we still use an aircraft control technique called attitude flying [1], whereby the pilot uses the visual relationship between the aircraft’s nose and the horizon [2] to control the aircraft.

IE Business School [3] Leadership and Management Prof. Erik Hiep [4] is a horizon breaker, a traveler, and a Dutchman. He’s always asking you to broaden your mind, your limits, your horizons… Because new horizons will maximize your range of communication and vision, and will ultimately make you a better-rounded person!

P.S. Prof. Erik Hiep [5] is the managing director of management consulting firm The Next Lev [6]el, and has extensive consulting experience with international management teams and boards. He has worked on an extensive range of projects in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas.