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Conference “Big Data and Art History”

ART AND BIG DATA S [1]Combining Cultural Analytics with a developed aesthetic judgement is the key to a successful career in the art world today. This talk will show how and why certain artistic patterns in Baroque art spread throughout the world in 17 and 18th centuries, how the appreciation of a beautiful face has changed in Art History, and how the irruption of museums altered the consumption and distribution of art in the 20th Century. The talk will also shed light on the techniques used by modern platforms like artsy to disrupt the business of art.

Dr. Juan Luis Suárez is Director at CulturePlex Lab [2] and Professor of Hispanic Studies at Western Ontario University. His background includes a PhD in Philosophy (Salamanca), a PhD in Literature (McGill), and a Global Executive MBA (IE Business School). His research deals with lean big data, human behaviour, digital innovation, cultural analytics, creativity and entrepreneurship. He is an international speaker and consultant on issues related to digital strategy, cultural history, the digital revolution and its impact on organizations, and 360º digital view of the customer. He is the co-founder of startups MilaoLanguage and SylvaDB, a lean big data solution that gives the power of big data to the domain expert.

The event will be held on Monday, March 2, 6:00pm at room MM203 (Maria de Molina 31)