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All you always wanted to know about Collecting Art (But were afraid to ask) 10 tips to start buying contemporary art.

wpid-1279731258image_web [1]Thursday, 19th of February 2015, 7.30pm at room MM101 (Maria de Molina 31, Madrid)

Art Collecting seems rather sophisticated for most inexperienced mortals. Many enjoy art but are unfamiliar with the market. It is fairly well known that art is elitist but the truth is that contemporary art is more accessible than people think. Join us and learn in this dynamic talk  on how to start an art collection based on your taste and budget.

This event will be led by Carlos Urroz (Director of Madrid’s Contemporary Art Fair ARCO) and by Elisa Hernando (Director of the First Collector initiative)

RSVP HumanitiesCenter@ie.edu [2].