By Nir Hindi (IMBA 2014)

“Entrepreneurs Are the Artists of the Business world”  is one of my favorite quotes. My name is Nir Hindi an IMBA graduate. I have more than 10 years’ experience in building, launching and working with early-stage companies alongside other entrepreneurs. Though, I always kept close relationship with the art world. My experiences and the contribution of the art to my professional as well as my personal life brought me to write a blog about the intersection between art and business.

I started this blog since I found out that there is a notion that art is disconnected from business; in many ways, even the total opposite of each other. I claim differently. I think these worlds share common things. I believe that in order for businesses to flourish and succeed in the future, they should embrace and engage with art.

Art and business have always intersected and influenced each other, especially from a financial and social point of view. In the recent decade the influence and the value of art for business increased. In a fast-paced environment, creativity and innovation play a critical role and companies are actively seeking to create environments that will enable them to innovate.

I believe that art influences the business world more than we think; for example, how Marissa Mayer’s Art education influenced the Google design or How Apple Uses Picasso’s Drawings to teach its employees about Design. In this blog I will bring articles, research and data as examples of how art influences the business world and the intersection between art and business.

I chose to categorize this blog to the major subjects such as Art and Economy, Art and Technology and Art Market, though there are more subjects such as Art Startups or Collecting Art. I highly encourage you to explore the different categories since there are times these subjects overlap, intersect or cover different fields.

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