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IR Speaker Series “Arab Spring: where are we now?”

haizam [1]The Arab Spring: where are we now? Four years after the riots, protests and revolutions that redefined much of the Middle East, we will analyze the aftermath with expert Haizam Amirah.

On Tuesday November 4th IE International Relations Club will host a lecture given by IE Humanities and IR Associate Professor Haizam Amirah Fernández. Besides his teaching duties at IE Mr. Amirah is a senior analyst of the Arab world at the international think tank: Real Instituto Elcano, not to mention a frequent commentator on the subject in the Spanish media.

With that being said, the International Relations Clubs would like to invite you on November 4th at 6:30pm in room 101 – Maria de Molina 31bis to kick off its Speakers Series. Mr. Amirah will set the stage with his presentation and then move to a Q&A session, which will be followed by a networking cocktail reception for all participants.

To register please click here [2]