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“You never know too much” with Finance professor Francisco López-Lubián

Finance professor Francisco López-Lubián is as passionate about finance as he is about the cinema. By the way, he’s not only a finance professor, he’s actually the head of the finance area at IE Business School [1]. He’s also worked for the finance industry for quite some time. But most of all he just loves films.

That’s why we decided to cast him as the main character in a finance crime movie entitled “You Never Know Too Much,” as you can see in this trailer for the film. Don´t miss his references to films like The Godfather [2]Chitty Chitty Bang Bang [3], or Amores Perros [4], not to mention The man who knew too much… Enjoy.
P.S. For a finance bio of Prof. López-Lubian [5] please click here.

By Félix Valdivieso, Director of Communication at IE Business School