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Visit by the Hon. Ray Mabus, US Secretary of the Navy

mabus [1]We are pleased to announce that on September 5th IE will receive a visit by the Hon. Ray Mabus, US Secretary of the Navy.

Given the importance of the visitor and a unique opportunity to meet one of the top members of the US Government, we highly encourage you to register for the event below.

Please remember that it is important to attend the event once you register. We have extended the deadline to sign up until September 3rd, 6 pm, and we highly recommend you to sign up as soon as possible due to the expected interest in the event.

The Secretary will give a talk about leadership and management in the US Navy, followed by an open Q&A session. The event will be held on September 5th at 11:00 am in Aula Magna.

To see more details on the visitor, please visit this link [2] to the Secretary’s biography.