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Amanda Dennis, 2013-2014 IE – UC Berkeley International Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in the Humanities

Dennis [1]IE Humanities Center is pleased to congratulate Amanda Dennis, who will be the 2013-2014 IE- Berkeley International Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow. Amanda M. Dennis earns her PhD in Rhetoric from the University of California, Berkeley, where she focused on the relationship between twentieth-century French philosophy and the work of Samuel Beckett. She is currently revising her dissertation into a book, Bodying Space, which emphasizes the importance of the body to postwar French thought and to Beckett’s prose, theater and television work. She has taught courses on modernist literature, ethics and subjectivity in England, France and the US.

Professor Dennis will teach several Humanities courses at IE University, Style and Inhabitations: The Space of Literature.  In her words “in Style we will explore the ambivalence inherent in the concept of style, which may be understood both as a mark of distinction and an act of conformity”. While “in Inhabitations: The Space of Literature We look at writers who negotiate and distort space to create fertile testing grounds in which more is possible than would be in our everyday life. Taking up themes such as exoticism, otherness, memory and enchantment, we’ll look at the ways in which space inspires the writing process.”

Besides teaching in the Humanities program Amanda Dennis will also take part in the campus life participating in lectures and extracurricular activities.