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Rolf Strom Olsen Business Professor of the Year Award Candidate

[1]Rolf Strom Olsen –Academic Director at the IE School of Arts & Humanities- has been nominated for the Business Professor of the Year Award. This award is given by the British publication The Economist. Professor Strom Olsen teaches “Creative Management Thinking” at IE Business School. This course provides students with the tools and perspectives framed around several themes central to humanities, in order to confront the challenges of the modern business environment.

Other IE professors nominated for this award are Martin Bohem, Bill Carney, Amrou Awaysheh, Rafael Pampillón, José Ignacio Gafo, Rafael Ruiz-Jarabo, Gonzalo Garland, Alberto Leopoldo y Jill Paine.

Voting closes on Friday, November 23rd at 5.00 pm GMT

For more information, please visit:  businessprofessoraward.com [2]