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A Japanese IE´s Master in International Relations Student Helps his Country after the Earthquake

[1]Throughout the past year, a MIR 2011/2012 student and soon to be graduate, Tomofumi Fukamiya, ran 12 marathons in 12 months in different European countries and environments (including the Swiss Alps) in order to raise money for the victims of the April 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami on the east coast of Japan. Not only did Tomofumi complete this impressive challenge but he also raised over 2,100 British Pounds for the victims.


Here is where Tomofumi ran over the past year (2011/2012): Apr: Madrid (4:11:58), May: Copenhagen (3:49:46), Jul: Swiss Alpine (06:06:30), Sep: Warsaw (4:13:26), Oct: Munich (4:06:18), Nov: Athens (3:58:11), Valencia (4:06:16) Jan: Gran Canaria (3:59:53), Feb: Sevilla (around 3:52:00), Mar: Rome (around 3:50:34), Barcelona (4:02:10), Apr: Vienna (around 3:53:00)

We in the Master in International Relations are very proud of Tomofumi for his commitment to helping his people and country.

For more information please visit: (http://tomofumi-fukamiya.blogspot.com/ [2]) and http://www.justgiving.com/tomofumi-fukamiya/ [3] for donations to the cause.