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From March 27th to March 30th 2012, IE University’s Junior Advisory Board will hold its fourth annual meeting. Founded in 2009, organized and promoted by IE School of Arts and Humanities, Junior Advisory Board is a highly selective group of pre-university students,

Avneesh Mehta 

How did you hear about JAB and what motivated you to take part in it?

I heard about IE University’s Junior Advisory Board through my school, and the opportunity of meeting and interacting with people from all over the world, all from different backgrounds and cultures and taking part in interesting workshops based in the beautiful country of Spain was what motivated me to take part in it.

What is the greatest challenge you are looking forward to on your future university?

My Future University is most likely be one that is not in my home country, the greatest challenge will be living away from home and adapting to a new life that will need me to accept responsibility and be completely independent which is something I highly look forward to.

Which aspects of your chosen university career interest you most and why?

My chosen University career is most likely to be along the path of Business Administration. Businesses and companies are all around us and form a very major part of today’s society. How they function and run smoothly and are formed along with all their aspects has always been something that’s fascinated me from a young age and all knowledge obtained is very practical and can be applied in various case studies and situations.

What particular qualities do you believe a future leader should have?

A leader of any sort should be focused and determined, only once the leader himself is clear headed and hardworking can he truly ‘lead’. In today’s evolving world, it is now widely believed that a leader should not only be intelligent, but also emotionally intelligent, which is very important. Energy and Enthusiasm is something any leader must display. Only with these qualities, will a leader be able to successfully Plan, co-ordinate, and Communicate and successfully lead.

What do you find most valuable when choosing your university?

The University should have a learning environment that appeals to me and I’ll be happy with it. Going to top ranked University’s sounds great on paper, but will I be able to adapt to the way things are over there and be happy with it? Is it what suits my personal tastes? A healthy learning environment that welcomes students and appeals to me personally is what I value the most while choosing my University.



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