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Amazon’s Kindle Fire: Will it stoke enthusiasm for e-reading?

The founder of the independent UK Kindle Users’ Forum considers the impact of Amazon’s new device on e-reading

[1]Today sees the first official announcement from Amazon about the launch of several new additions to the Kindle [2] family, including the Kindle Fire [3] – and as founder-member of the UK Kindle Users Forum [4], I’m excited.

Since the Kindle [5] was released in the UK just over a year ago it has gained a huge following and encouraged many people who had lost interest in books to start reading again. Along with this renewed interest in reading came a unique opportunity for UK authors to begin self-publishing their own books through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing [6], scheme which has created a vibrant market for low-cost books written by upcoming authors.

Being in close contact with both readers and authors I’ve witnessed a genuine increase in recreational reading since the Kindle arrived in the UK. In the words of one of our members: “Since I’ve had my Kindle I have read 63 books, which may not sound much to others, but considering I only read in single figures for the whole of last year that is a major jump.”

As you may know by now, the new Kindle hardware is foresaking e-ink in favour of a colour LCD screen. With much of Amazon’s previous Kindle PR revolving around the benefits of e-ink and its paper-like qualities this is an interesting choice.

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