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IE University and The Picasso Musuem Create the Malaga Picasso Museum Scholarship

The new collaboration agreement means that the Malaga Picasso Museum and IE Foundation (IE Business School) will work together to promote the study of art and excellence in the museum sector to enable access to the work market among the students and alumni of IE, a prestigious international institution in the higher and management education sector.

The Malaga Picasso Museum scholarship for history degree students at IE School of Arts and Humanities is aimed at helping equip top-tier professionals in the art sector with global, entrepreneurial and creative vision. It marks the start of fruitful collaboration between the Museum, a word reference in the study of contemporary art, and IE University, an international university with a markedly humanistic approach to higher education.

The scholarship provides students with professional internships from the first year of their degree through until completion of the program, equipping future graduates with a privileged insight into labor realities in the culture sector. The Museum will also designate a mentor who will guide students in their vocational education, helping build an international vision of the field of arts coupled with a critical approach.

The Malaga Picasso Museum is dedicated to research on Pablo Picasso, the dissemination of his works, and 20th century art. The Museum has a collection of close to 200 works of art by Picasso, and a full program of exhibitions and activities designed to bring art closer to people from all walks of life.