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Worthwhile Plugs: In Our Time (BBC) & Frontline (PBS)

Rolf Strom-Olsen [1]

BBCPBS [2]  

Carthago Delenda Est [3]: Mary Beard, whose blog 'A Don's Life' over at the Times online [4] is linked from this page (and who kindly links to Sapiens Tribune), was recently on the BBC Radio 4 program 'In Our Time,' an excellent hour of radio that explores a different historical topic each week. Mary was talking about the famous destruction of Carthage in a very interesting program. If you have a moment, it is well worth listening to. (Available both online [5] and as a podcast [6].)

Inside the Meltdown: One of the best things about the US public broadcaster, PBS, is Frontline [7] which has aired many excellent programs over the years. The latest broadcast is no exception. "Inside the Meltdown" is a fascinating and lucid examination of how the current economic crisis was precipitated, assigning a lot of blame to former US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson [8] and his disastrous decison to let the investment firm Lehman Borthers fail in a fit of misguided principle driven by his commitment to Moral Hazard [9]. It is a very gripping hour and explains clearly how the credit crisis got going, got worse and went global. Frontline has made many of its programs freely available online and the entire show can be watched here [10].