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Written on April 14, 2008 by Arantza de Areilza in Arts & Cultures & Societies, IE Humanities Center

Arantza de Areilza

Ie_photo_1 IE School of Arts and Humanities aims to go beyond the traditional teaching of arts and humanities. Our goal is to educate our students by enhancing their individual capabilities, so that they may learn to embrace the complexity of the world around us. They will learn to analyse things broadly and in depth, to think critically, to pick out the essential from the trivial, to carry out empirical reasoning, to express themselves clearly and connect ideas together in a creative manner. We want our students to be capable of perceiving and taking responsibility for the intellectual, social and ethical consequences of their actions and thoughts. We want to turn them into citizens with a comprehensive outlook, good command of several languages and a clear sense of ethics and responsibility; young people capable of managing their own professional and personal expectations, willing to take on a major role in the creation of the new values that ultimately give rise to the changes that every modern society requires.

Ie_foto_paint_2 The School of Arts and Humanities is at the very heart of IE’s mission, as the arts and humanities courses it offers form part of all the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at IE. Thus, all our students, regardless of their chosen field of study, get the opportunity of acquiring a solid foundation of general knowledge. And the daily application of this knowledge to the challenges they face in their own environment will help them to understand that life involves constant change, and will give them sufficient flexibility to adapt accordingly.

The IE School of Arts and Humanities will offer undergraduate and graduate programmes in English taught by national and international faculty members educated in the world’s leading schools. The programmes will have a strong focus on international, practical, humanistic and highly current issues, with a substantial online component.

Our programmes will discuss the world’s artistic avant-gardes, international relations, the humanities seen as the application of culture to the improvement of our understanding of the world around us. All these programmes will share the common purpose of encouraging imagination, developing a number of humanistic values that are greatly needed by society today, and developing aesthetic perception and critical reasoning, which we view as vital elements of the human capacity for improvement – an ever-present and liberating challenge in every human life, which accounts for the existence of humanistic studies at the heart of our education.


Our teaching will be based on the principle of acquiring an overall perspective, while at the same time enhancing the particular features and abilities of each individual student. It will be a highly applied form of learning based on practical projects and case studies, in small groups, with a strong online component to allow students to combine academics with practical experience, on both undergraduate and graduate programmes. Humanities, management and professional ethics will be compulsory subjects for all IE students. 

We do not know how the world will have changed or what our students will have to face when they leave our lecture halls. We believe that traditional, rigid teaching methods would fail to equip them with the necessary resources to find answers to problems whose shape we do not yet know. Therefore, the more versatile, enduring and, ultimately, more practical knowledge that we endeavour to offer results from the opportunity to pursue interdisciplinary studies rooted in the global culture of innovation, openness, creativity, flexibility and the advantage of being educated in the arts and humanities.

Ie_photo_4_2  We aim to achieve this through the selection of professors, tutors, managers, artists, writers, critics, communicators, diplomats and politicians characterised by their academic excellence and/or talent, with a distinctly international outlook and a strong educational vocation. Our goal is to instil in students the pleasure of learning as a characteristic trait that will accompany them throughout their entire lives.

Therefore I invite you to take a closer look into our website, contact our admission department for further information and visit our campuses in Madrid and in Segovia.


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