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Mitt Wins Big in Mich

Felicia Appenteng [1]

Mittmich_2 [2]

Former Massachusetts governor and highly successful businessman Mitt Romney [3], finally has a big primary win to his name.  Despite having spent the most money out of all of the Republican candidates, Romney has been receiving less than stellar finishes in previous primaries, with the exception of the small state of Wyoming.  To learn about Mitt Romney, who has received some negative media attention because of his religion (Mormonism [4]), but has been winning votes because of his corporate style approach to America’s economy [5], please click here [6] to read the profile written by the Council on Foreign Relations. 

To see a video of Romney’s victory speech, please click here [7].

Please note that several Democratic front-runners pulled their names from the Michigan ballot, relating to primary schedule rules.  To read an analysis of the Democrats in Michigan, provided by Thomas B Edsall [8] of the Huffington Post [9], please click here [10]